Aineki Traverso



One Brief and Desolate Hour, 24x30”, oil on panel, 2022

found you in the Holy Grail, 22x36”, oil on canvas, 2022

Infinite Father/Banana Tree 1990, 30x36”, oil on canvas, 2022

As We Hang Above A Void, 24x20”, oil on canvas, 2022

The Well Event, 20x16”, oil on panel, 2022

Angel View 1, 9x12”, oil pastel on paper, 2022

The Well Event 2, 20x16”, oil on canvas, 2022

Blaspheming at Midnight, 16x12”, oil on panel, 2022

Oil Paint Love Affair, 12x16”, oil on paper, 2022

Angel Eye, 8x10”, oil on canvas and found postcard, 2022